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Masterpecs solution for train and rail road projects.

MasterSpec RiteCrete Joint System consists of RiteCrete-881 a High-Strength, low viscosity fast setting, high elongation, moisture insensitive elastomeric concrete nosing material & RiteSeal a water- proof joint seal with 30% tension, 60% compression movement range. This system is user-friendly with minimal downtime making it one of the most convenient systems available for Bridge Joints.

The RiteCrete-881 is a poured-in-place elastomeric concrete, conforming to almost any block out. The physical properties of this system reduces the need for expensive and cumbersome steel angles in bridge joints. The RiteCrete-881 Joint System is ideal for New & Rehab construction projects. This joint seal may continue up the parapets or across the side-walks with or without the RiteCrete-881 for a continuous waterproof seal. This Joint System does not collect any dust or debris and is maintenance free.

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