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We provide architects, engineers, designers and contractors direct access to our team of experts to simplify the process from design through delivery and installation. MasterSpec provides a wide range of Foam and Metal Joints.

RiteSeal FR Joint System has been a solution for high-end structures. It provides a watertight seismic seal with exceptional properties that can be fire rated or simply painted to make an aesthetical seamless joint blend completely with the building.

RiteSeal is a preformed, low-density, closed cell, cross-linked, polyethylene material. This flexible watertight, airtight seal has added a proprietary mix for exceptional UV, infrared ray and chemical protection. RiteSeal is manufactured with grooves along the bond surface running the length of the joint to increase adhesion. Intersections and splices may be field-welded. It can continue up the wall, parapets, around columns, stairs, skylights, etc., while maintaining a monolithic seal.

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