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MasterSpec Materials LLC is an industry leader in providing expansion joint system. With over 25 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, fabrication and sale of various expansion joint solutions, MasterSpec has become a name synonymous with excellence.

By partnering with teams on a global level, it has become possible to import and export material within an economically affordable budget. MasterSpec actively works with distribution firms to provide avenues for business development and the ultimate supply of materials that ensure a successful life cycle for infrastructure, parking structure, waste water, potable water, high rise buildings, airports, and a variety of other structural projects. Specializing in traditional metallic expansion joint systems and proprietary new technologically advanced plastic foam expansion material, MasterSpec provides solutions that are faster, cheaper and longer lasting.

MasterSpec also specializes in elastomeric concrete for joint headers and spall repair as well as polymorphic polymer concrete (PPC) for industrial coatings and repair. MasterSpec Materials is a registered trademark with Patent Pending proprietary materials.

Linear Systems

Linear Systems by MasterSpec is an integrated brand of industry leading solutions to expansion joint systems. Linear Systems also encompasses solutions for elastomeric concrete, polymorphic polymer industrial floor coatings, and architectural floor and wall transitions. With our team of engineers, architects and sales professionals, a solution is only the beginning.

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