RiteFR Coating

MasterSpec Rite FR-Coating is designed primarily for the protection of expansion joints, curtain wall safing gaps, and certain through-penetrations. The coating shall dry to form a flexible, moisture resistant film and shall adhere to all common construction surfaces. The coating provides up to 100% movement depending upon installed surface. Rite FR-Coating has been tested in one, two, three, and four-hour joints tested in accordance with ASTM E1966 (ANSI/UL2079), ASTM E814 (ANSI/UL1479) and CAN/ULCS115. This product has also been tested for use in Perimeter Fire Barrier Systems in accordance with ASTM E2307. Consult factory for individual system designs and application requirements.


  • Water-Based for easy installation and cleanup
  • Non-halogenated
  • Can be applied before or after the expansion joint is installed
  • Thixotropic for high-build application
  • Auto Bonding
  • Safe...no solvents! No asbestos!
  • Flexible!
  • Water Resistant!
  • Low Abrasion for longer pump life and less maintenance
  • UL Classified
  • Tested with spray applied fire resistive materials (SFRM).
  • Paintable

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