RiteStrip Seal

MasterSpec Rite-FR Strip is a floor, wall, and roof barrier. The fire barrier is designed to fire rate seismic expansion joint conditions for up to 2 hours in floor and wall applications. Consisting of intumescent materials and foil scrim, for use with expansion joint covers. ASTM E 1399, ASTM E 1966, UL2079, IBC AND NFPA 5000 compliant.


  • Installation in small openings
  • Applications where 2 hour fire rated joint cover is required
  • Exterior and interior installations


  • Simple installation in narrow joints
  • May be used with a variety of joint cover systems
  • Moisture resistant
  • ±50% movement to 100% movement
  • Light weight
  • Thin flexible design

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  • Bridge Construction
  • Airport Runways
  • Bridge Preservation
  • Highways / Roads

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