RiteSeal FR HF-1 System provides a waterproof, fire resistant, flexible expansion joint that is easy to install. RiteSeal FR HF-1 combines all the properties of RiteSeal with FR additives to comply with UL94HF1, which means that burning stops within 2 seconds; afterglow less than 30 seconds and no burning drips allowed. This seismic system is designed to remain watertight, airtight, chemical and fire resistant expansion joint system with added UV and infrared ray protection. Conforms to ASTM D-1056, Type 2 Class B, Grade 3 & AASHTO T-42-84 Modified.


  • Buildings, airports, stadiums, parking garages, tunnels and other structures
  • Vertical / Horizontal, Interior / Exterior joints
  • Seismic Joints
  • Architectural Expansion Joints


  • Fire Resistant
  • 100% Watertight seismic joint
  • Handles 100% vertical & horizontal shear movement
  • Working range of 70% compression, 250% elongation
  • Resistant to jet fuel, kerosene, glycol, oils, alkalis, salts, deicers, solvents, chemicals and other materials that may come in contact with the surface
  • Working temperature range of –76 to 195ᵒF. Higher heat resistance than Evazote Foams
  • Can accommodate directional changes and varying sizes
  • Custom cut to any configuration. Fabricated per project requirements
  • Serves as a vapor barrier
  • Ideal for stage construction
  • No maintenance
  • Paintable with a flexible paint

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