RiteFriction Surface Polymer

RiteFriction Surface Polymer is a moisture-insensitive, low-modulus, two-component high friction surface polymer


RiteFriction Surface Polymer is designed for binding High Friction Surfacing Aggregates to asphalt and concrete on grade and elevated surfaces. Specific applications include:

  • Asphalt roadways
  • Bridge decks
  • Roadway departure areas
  • Horizontal curves
  • Stop zones / Intersections
  • High grade roadways
  • Parking structures


  • Excellent bond strength
  • Moisture insensitive to minimize contaminants
  • High early strength
  • High tensile elongation allows for non-linear expansion and contraction (move with the roadway)
  • High tensile strength for superior retention of aggregates
  • High range of flexibility
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Easy to mix - 1:1 ratio
  • Fast set time for quick return to traffic
  • Designed for automated pump or hand mix application
  • Non-regulated, hazmat certification or placards not required for transport

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